Premium Features

Virtual Currency

Play it Safe

In Betsplit you can place bets using Virtual Currency. Add Virtual funds to your wallet from the Account menu.

You may only add 1000 each day, and you won't be able to deposit anything if your balance is over 10,000.

You can also use Virtual Currency in the premium Grid and Automated Betting components - which allows you to test a trigger out risk-free!

You will need to deposit Virtual Funds before you start placing Virtual Bets.

Widget Controls


The premium trading interface is built from tabs and widgets. This means you can build a highly customised dashboard of markets you care about.

The control bar at the top of the screen has controls to re-order tabs, check the service health of the Betfair Exchange, and add a new tab.

Press and hold any widget header to bring up the widget controls. Now you can move your widget around, enable Virtual Bets, or delete it.

Virtual Bets are enabled individually on widgets, so always make sure you know if it's toggled for a given widget.

Virtual Bets cannot be enabled for Ladder Widgets.

Grid Widget

Clean & Simple

The Grid Widget is a simple view of a market, showing the best three available prices for each selection.

The widget header contains information about the market, including the total amount matched. This header, like any other widget header, may be long-pressed to access widget controls.

Prices are organised into Back and Lay columns, with the top row showing the number of selections, overrounds for each side, and the number of winners for a market.

Before each selection there is an informational bar which includes the selection name, weight of money indicator, last price matched, and the total matched for that selection.

Integrated Betslip

Tap a price tile to add it to the betslip. In the betslip you can adjust the size and requested price of each order.

Orders may be placed individually by tapping the green icon on the right, or all at once by tapping 'Place All'.

Is it a Match?

Any orders you place may not be matched at the price you requested. In this case you may check the order status or cancel the order.

Hedge your Position

Once an order is successfully placed on a market, you will see your updated position.

On the right of each selection is the the projected profit or loss if that selection were to win.

On the left of each selection which has an available hedge position, you will see the calculated available hedge amount and net profit.

As the odds change for the selection, so will the hedge amount.

To hedge a selection individually, tap the hedge amount indicator on the left of that selection.

To hedge the whole market, tap the button in the header.

Ladder Widget

Complete Price Range

The Ladder Widget is a powerful tool that shows the complete price range of a market.

A Ladder Widget can show up to two selections at a time, which can be changed by tapping the selection name.

Also shown in the header is the size input, as well as the best available odds for both sides.

The top row of the ladder is fixed, and shows that selection's weight of money indicator in either the Lay or Back column, the total matched, and the last traded price in the centre column.

You can tap the last traded price indicator to quickly scroll to that ladder position.

In the main ladder price section, the back and lay tiles are constantly updating with the amount traded for that price, as well as the traded volume in the grey column on the right.

Placing Ladder Orders

Orders can only be placed on the Ladder widget by double-tapping. This prevents accidental orders.

To see the profit or liability for a selection at a given price, single tap that tile in the Back or Lay column respectively. You can then single tap again to hide the profit/liability.

To place an order for a selection at a given price, adjust your desired size in the header and double tap the price and side you wish to place an order on.

Ladder Hedging

Once the order is processed, you will see your updated market position.

The selection header will now show the projected profit or loss if that selection were to win, and (if available) the net profit for the calculated hedge order.

To hedge a selection individually, double-tap the selection's net profit indicator.

To hedge the market, double-tap the button in the header.

If a hedge position is available for a selection, you can tap the Total Matched indicator in the top row to see the full range of hedge orders you can place. Subsequently, to place a hedge order at a specific price, you may double-tap that hedge net profit tile.

Cloud Market Triggers Widget

Automate in the Cloud

The Cloud Market Triggers Widget may be used to create cloud-based bet triggers, which automatically place orders on your behalf according to the specified parameters.

These triggers are evaulated in the cloud, which means they will still work even if your device is offline.

Understanding this is extemely important. You will not be able to close triggers if your device has no internet connection.

Betsplit scans currently in-play markets and continuously evaluates your trigger's conditions to see if an order can be placed.

You may limit the trigger to only consider markets from specific events or competitions, or leave this blank to assess all available in-play markets.

Choose Bet Conditions

The heart of your trigger configuration lies in the Selection Conditions.

Here you can configure a range of conditions which all need to be met for an order to be placed.

In this example, we are telling the trigger to look for Soccer markets where the non-favourite team has back odds of more than 5, and the back odds of a draw are less than or equal to 5, and that the non-favourite team has lay odds of less than 7.

In this way, we have configured a trigger to target markets where the non-favourite team may have a worthwhile lay order available.

'Non-favourite Team' is defined as the team (not including The Draw) which has the highest odds of winning (i.e. least likely).

More Conditions

You may also configure market and hedge conditions.

Market Conditions can be set to incorporate market factors such as start time and bet delay, to allow for even finer tuning.

Market and Selection Conditions need to all be met for an order to be placed. If even one condition is not met for a given market, it will not be considered.

A Hedge Strategy may be configured to tell Betsplit to place a corresponding hedge order for any orders placed by the trigger.

The Hedge Conditions are evaluated individually - so if any of them are met, a hedge order is placed.

Set your Limits

Select the desired selection and side for your trigger to place orders on.

Setting budget amounts allows you to control the amount your trigger will place on any matching order.

During the Beta release period, triggers are limited to a £25 lifetime max limit.

You have the option of using Virtual Currency - which means the trigger will use funds from your Virtual Currency balance instead.

Doing this means you have a safe way to test a trigger's configuration.

Virtual Funds may be added by tapping the account icon in the top right of the screen.

View and Edit

You can view the markets that a trigger has placed orders on, which includes details of the selection, price, side, and size matched.

The box will remain grey until the bet outcome is resolved, turning green if won, red if lost, and blue if hedged.

You can close an open trigger at any time - which will prevent any automated orders being placed by that trigger.

A trigger will close itself if you do not have the funds to place an order.

Triggers must be created with a maximum 8 hour expiry. This is to provide a fail-safe closing mechanism for any long-lasting triggers.

A closed trigger which has not met its lifetime budget may be manually re-opened at the press of a button.

Track Orders

Details of a hedged order can be seen in the order tile, including the hedged net profit.

For triggers with a configured hedge strategy using non-virtual funds, an automated hedge order can not be made if you manually place a hedge order on that selection. In this case the trigger will mark that market as 'User Hedged'.

This is to prevent the trigger from placing a hedge order which you may have already sent.